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About BSC

The Bavarian Sportsman's Club aims to further local forestry goals of responsible ecosystem management by educating, networking, and encouraging members of the USAG Bavaria community to get involved in hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities. 


We at the BSC strive to do the following:

- Provide outreach activities to Active Duty, Reserve, and Retired Service Members, along with the families of the United States Armed Forces. We also welcome DOD civilians, contact employees and their family members, and Host Nation local nationals residing in our community. 

- Encourage and promote organized hunting, fishing, shooting, archery, camping, woodsmanship, educational training, social and recreational activities within our community at USAG Bavaria.

- Facilitate opportunities and educate members and our community on safe handling and proper care of firearms, improved marksmanship, improvement in outdoors skills and safety, and local laws and regulations according to both USAG Bavaria and Germany's Federal Government.

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