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Hunting in Europe

Hunting in Germany and across Europe is steeped in tradition, ritual, and honor. With a firm focus on conservation and wildlife management, game is treated with respect and dignity, harvested ethically, and handled appropriately so that it can be processed and put on tables. 

Even with that in mind, it may still come as a shock to Americans stationed in Germany and throughout Europe that hunting coursework for their SOFA host nations can take up to 14 weeks to complete. Even once a license has been earned, a new hunter must network and find opportunities to use their skills in the local community.

The Bavarian Sportsman's Club connects experienced hunters and landowners with young hunters, in order to facilitate a network that benefits all of our members. New hunters get the chance to see some Bavarian game up close, and revere (or 'hunting rights') owners are able to get aid in filling their seasonal quotas. 

We also aim to connect our membership with hunting opportunities across the hemisphere, from a short hop across the Czech border, to ibex excursions in Spain, to the more exotic game of Namibia. 

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