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Get to know your BSC Board


President - Charles Doren

I grew up fishing with my father and my uncle, and have experience with both freshwater and deep sea fishing. I had a few hunting experiences in my life growing up as well, to include rabbit, squirrel, and deer in Big Bear, CA with my father. When I came to Germany in the 90's I never felt the need to get my hunting or fishing licenses for many of the same reasons so many soldiers still don't: I thought it was too expensive, and I thought I would go back to America, so why bother. After getting married, having children, and building a house here, I knew it was time to get busy. I have had my

fishing license for 7 years now and am also a member of a German fishing club. That is where I have met many of my German friends and was able to secure a private lake for our BSC's use. I have only been out hunting a few times over the last 3 years with some friends and members of the BSC, however I have yet to get my first kill here in Germany. It is my hope to get my own revier so I may have more opportunities to hunt and share the chance with other new hunters.

Vice President - Aaron Souto

Originally from Georgia, I grew up immersed in outdoor
activities. I began hunting with family and friends at a young
age, starting with small game and then whitetail deer.
Although I enjoy big game hunting, my love will always be
small game hunting especially with the feathered friends.
There is nothing greater than walking through fields with your
closest friends and see a dog lock point on a pheasant, or
watching a group of ducks dive into your location through 
thick hardwood timber. After graduating University of Georgia
with a BS in Forest Science and minor in Wildlife Biology, I
continued my passion working as a forester in Georgia and
South Carolina. My passion for hunting has become my
obsession, as I live for not only the hunt, but also preserving the land we enjoy. Upon accepting a position in Germany, I researched hunting in Europe. After figuring out the vast opportunities of game to hunt and fish, I was certain my time in Germany would be extraordinary. In my short time here, the hunting and fishing opportunities have exceeded my imagination. Traditions, legacies, conservation, and camaraderie are just some of aspects that have made me fall in love with the hunting/fishing community here in Bavaria. As Vice President, I will continue to promote my passion for the outdoors to all I can. I hope to give every member the opportunities to make the memories I have since December 2018 and to continue their love wherever they may travel. 

firstroe deer.jpg

Avisor - Henry Browning

Henry Browning grew up in Perry, Florida (USA). Florida and the surrounding states offered many great opportunities to participate in outdoor activities.  His love for hunting and fishing came from both sides of the family.

He was immersed into hunting before his teens and quickly discovered that it was a hobby and life that he would forever embrace. All that he was taught and experienced at that young age, set the foundation for the hunter/outdoorsman that he is today. Henry has devoted many years to passing the outdoors

traditions on to others. He was a Big Brother/Big Sister for over four years in Washington State as well as seven years with the Boy Scouts of America in Colorado. 

 Having served in the military for over 24 years, Henry has had the opportunity to hunt and fish all over the world. Henry served as the Bavarian Sportsman’s Club President from 2010-2019. 

Administrator - Sara Goins

Upon getting my orders to Germany, I was already excited about the idea of checking out the gun culture in a different country, especially one with some of the worlds finest firearm manufacturers!

I have been involved in shooting since a young girl and have always enjoyed learning and working in the Firearms Industry. I've been here in Bavaria for over a year and have my eye on a pretty Sauer Shotgun to take out to our trap and skeet range. Before the Army I worked for the NRA-ILA as well as gun stores in both the north and south. Most of my experience is in handguns, especially concealed carry hands and I am also a trainer for concealed carry permits. I look forward to meeting y'all at the range to shoot a round of skeet or hit up the range to try out some new handguns.


Treasurer - Kevin Zuniga


Born and raised on a family ranch in south Texas, I grew up next door to my grandfather Oscar J. Zuniga who was an accomplished hunter and fisherman. He was featured in many publications and had a personal trophy collection that would rival most entire clubs! I've always admired him as a hunter, and a man, and tried to live up to the family name through my military service and outdoor adventures. Becoming a hunter here in Germany actually started when my wife signed us both up for the hunting course! She too has a passion for learning, though I feel her drive was more for the opportunity to eat good venison!

I'm excited to serve as the BSC Treasurer, and hope to share some great hunting experiences with many of you in the years to come.

Weiher Warden - Timy Leiato

Timy Leiato serves as our fishing and German liason. 

As an Army brat I was born and raised here in Germany. I
have been fishing with my father as long as I can remember
and have always been active in the German fishing clubs off
base. The fact that I am fluent in German and the friendships
I have made over the years has given me the opportunity to
learn from all of the locals’ experiences. From my personal
experiences and learning from others has given me the
knowledge on how to properly stock lakes in the native

I am also a Jungjäger, however my role as a single father takes precedence over my hunting so I take every opportunity I can to learn from the more experienced hunters in the BSC if I can't sneak out for a hunt.   

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