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Local Sportsman's Resources

Check out our list below of local hunting, fishing, sport shooting, and outdoor resources. Our list is always growing, so contact us to add to it, and check back frequently to hear about new hunting and fishing supply stores, online dealers, and reliable guides in our area.

Wild Jaeger - Vilseck

Situated in the heart of Vilseck, Wild Jaeger caters to hunters with a special interest in bow hunting in Europe.

Angelgeräte Blenz

As far as we know, Weiden is home to the largest fishing supply store in our area. Angelgeräte Blenz has everything you could possibly need to fish throughout Germany. 

Waffen Christl

Christl has great deals for jungjägers looking to start their collection of long arms here in Germany.

AmmaLa Outdoors

If you've been looking for a destination hunt or safari, AmmaLa outdoors has you covered. Covering both Europe and Africa, AmmaLa has something for everyone.  

MWR Wild Boar

USAG Bavaria MWR hosts twice-yearly hunters education as well as fishing courses seasonally for Americans stationed in Germany. They also operate the trap, skeet, rifle, and archery ranges on post. 

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